Malocclusion issues, which are sometimes described as an under or overbite, can leave you with an unappealing or uncomfortable smile. At the same time, the significant imperfections in the orientation of your teeth can cause dental attrition and increase your chances of suffering dental fractures.

To effectively correct malocclusion, Dr. Aaron Miyai can fit you for traditional braces. Once this is done, our dental team can start the process of gradually adjusting the position and orientation of each tooth. This will be done through periodic adjustment appointments that will stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring each tooth in your mouth.

The total number of adjustments needed to correct your under or overbite will vary depending on the severity of the misalignment. Once your under or overbite has been fully corrected, Dr. Aaron Miyai can remove the braces. You will then need to use a retainer to make sure your teeth hold their new position. This might also include having a fixed retainer cemented behind some of your teeth.

If you have an under or overbite, contact us to schedule a braces consultation. Let Hawaii Smile Designs help you get a straighter and better smile today!

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