Fully Digital Practice

Fully Digital Practice

At Hawaii Smile Designs, our fully digital practice is more than just a step into the future of dental care; it’s a leap into a world where efficiency, accuracy, and patient satisfaction intersect. By adopting a digital-first approach, every facet of our operations, from patient records to treatment planning, embraces the precision and accessibility that only technology can provide.

This transformation extends beyond mere convenience. It shapes a new patient experience where long wait times become a thing of the past, replaced by swift check-ins and immediate access to your dental history and orthodontic treatment plans. Our digital practice allows for real-time updates and adjustments, ensuring that your care is always in sync with your current needs and progress.

Furthermore, the move to digital means that we’re not just looking after your dental health but the environment too. By reducing paper use and streamlining our processes, we contribute to a greener world. With advanced imaging technology and software, we can share visualizations of your treatment outcomes before the work even begins, turning consultations into interactive sessions where you’re empowered to make informed decisions about your care.

3D Scanners

3D Scanners

The introduction of 3D scanners at Hawaii Smile Designs has revolutionized the way we view and understand your oral health. These advanced scanners eliminate the discomfort and mess associated with traditional dental impressions, offering a gag-free and non-invasive alternative that captures your dental anatomy with astonishing detail.

But the impact of 3D scanning technology goes far beyond comfort. The precision it offers is unparalleled, allowing us to create a digital twin of your mouth that is accurate to the millimeter. This level of detail is crucial for diagnosing complex issues, planning treatments with higher predictability, and designing orthodontic devices that fit with unprecedented accuracy.

Customization lies at the heart of our use of 3D scanners. Whether it’s aligners tailored for a snug fit or orthodontic appliances designed for efficient movement, the accuracy of 3D scans ensures that each solution is as unique as the individual receiving it. This technology shortens treatment times, enhances comfort, and ultimately leads to better outcomes.



Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) at Hawaii Smile Designs represents the pinnacle of diagnostic imaging. Unlike traditional dental X-rays that offer a flat, two-dimensional view, CBCT provides a comprehensive 3D image of your oral and facial structures. This includes teeth, jawbone, soft tissues, and nerve pathways, all captured in a single scan with minimal radiation exposure.

The clarity and depth of information provided by CBCT imaging are invaluable. It allows for a deeper understanding of dental conditions, aids in the precise placement of dental implants, and is critical for planning complex surgical procedures. For instance, in cases requiring orthognathic surgery, CBCT scans enable us to visualize the skeletal relationships and soft tissue profiles, ensuring that surgical interventions are carried out with the highest level of precision for optimal functional and aesthetic results.

Moreover, the use of CBCT technology significantly contributes to patient education, enabling us to explain conditions and treatment options with clear visual aids. This fosters a deeper understanding and engagement from our patients, making them active participants in their dental care journey.

3D Printing

3D Printing

At Hawaii Smile Designs, our adoption of 3D printing technology has set a new benchmark in personalized dental care. With this technology, we can swiftly create accurate models and appliances tailored to the individual needs of our patients. This precision ensures that treatments are not only more effective but significantly more comfortable. The process begins with a digital scan of the patient’s mouth, which is then used to design and print custom devices, ranging from aligners to retainers and more, with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

The advantage of 3D printing extends to the patient experience. Traditional methods of creating dental models and appliances could take weeks, involving multiple visits and adjustments. Now, with our in-office 3D printing capabilities, we can reduce this timeline drastically, often completing tasks in just a single visit. This efficiency means faster treatment initiation and progression, directly impacting the duration and success of orthodontic treatments.


3D-Sintered Metal Appliances

The introduction of 3D-sintered metal appliances at Hawaii Smile Designs represents a significant leap forward in orthodontic appliance technology. Utilizing a high-precision laser sintering process, we can produce metal orthodontic devices that offer superior strength and a perfect fit. This process involves layer-by-layer construction of the appliance from metal powder, based on a detailed digital model of the patient’s dentition. The result is a device that is not just robust but intricately tailored to the complex geometries of each patient’s oral anatomy.

These appliances exemplify the highest level of customization, ensuring that each component perfectly conforms to the patient’s dental structure. This precise fit significantly enhances the comfort of wearing such devices, reduces the likelihood of irritation and injury, and optimizes the forces applied for tooth movement. Consequently, patients can enjoy a smoother treatment experience with potentially faster and more predictable outcomes.


Synapse (Painless Orthodontics)

This innovative approach to treatment minimizes the discomfort often associated with orthodontic adjustments by employing gentle, low-frequency vibrations to stimulate the movement of teeth. These vibrations increase the activity in the bone surrounding the teeth, allowing for a faster, more natural adjustment process.

The benefits of Synapse extend beyond just reduced pain. By facilitating quicker tooth movement, Synapse can significantly shorten the overall treatment time for our patients. This means reaching your perfect smile not just more comfortably, but also more quickly than traditional orthodontic methods would allow. Additionally, the ease and comfort of Synapse treatments encourage better compliance among patients, especially younger ones, ensuring more consistent wear of aligners or appliances and, consequently, more successful treatment outcomes.