With summer right around the corner, it is a great time to think about getting your teeth straightened and getting a jumpstart on an orthodontic treatment plan! Whether you consider wearing aligners or braces, there are benefits to getting orthodontic care during these warmer, less hectic months.

The summer season is a great time for kids and teens to adjust to braces during these more laid-back months. With braces, they have to come into the office routinely to have their hardware adjusted and tightened. By the time school starts back up in the fall, they have had time to get used to navigating them. It also makes the process easier for you as well.

Why Summer?

If you are warming up to the idea of wearing orthodontics this time of year with its relaxed schedule, think about the valuable benefits of wearing braces during the summer:

  • A more relaxed schedule: Summer’s downtime allows you to focus on getting used to wearing your braces without worrying about navigating the hectic fall and winter months. It is even more applicable if you have vacations or staycations coming up! Your summertime schedule allows you to work with our orthodontic team for routine adjustments and tightening with far less stress.
  • Adjust to your new normal: Ease into the experience of wearing wires and brackets. Having something new in your mouth all day takes getting used to, and it feels less stressful when you are not so busy. With conventional metal or ceramic braces, you will need to get used to the brackets and wires in your mouth and how to keep them clean from trapped food particles that feed oral bacteria. You do not want cavities showing up when your braces come off!
  • Dietary changes: Typically, when you start orthodontic treatment with braces, you will have to acclimate to new food restrictions. Be mindful of avoiding the chewy, crunchy and hard foods you normally enjoy. You will have a list of foods to stay away from, like popcorn, gum, fruit snacks and more, to protect the hardware of your braces. It is a great time to take advantage of easy-to-chew seasonal fruits like melons, berries, bananas, grapes, mangos and peaches. Just be sure to brush and floss afterward to get rid of fibers and stray bits of food.

Why Wait? Start Now!

Starting the summer with orthodontic treatment, whether for yourself, your teen, or your child, is a great time to move forward at a relaxed pace without unnecessary stress. Your child won’t have to miss classes for appointments, and you won’t have to navigate fall traffic while you are in the early phase.

Summer also gives you time to adjust your new dental hygiene routine with less stress. You will need to get acclimated to brushing around braces. It is a good time to enlist the help of a powered toothbrush and a water flosser to clear out food around your braces appliance. The same goes for your child or teen so they can get used to their new dental hygiene practice without dealing with the early morning school rush. When the braces come off, teeth and gums need to be as healthy as before orthodontic treatment began.

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Whether you or your child need braces to straighten teeth, align a crooked bite, and prevent future dental health issues like tooth decay, tooth loss, or gum disease, it is never too early (or too late) to have our orthodontist take a look at your smile.

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