You’ve likely heard of braces and retainers, but do you know about jaw repositioners? What about space maintainers? Lip and cheek bumpers? Oral devices come in numerous forms and fashions, and if you’ve got crooked teeth or other misalignment problems, there’s certainly something we can do for you.

The following is a list of oral and orthodontic devices that you may be unfamiliar with:

  • Jaw repositioners can help align jaws to make speaking, chomping and breathing more comfortable (and safe). They may also decrease pain in people hurting from TMJ.
  • Lip and cheek bumpers lessen pressure on teeth from the lips and cheeks, which can slowly shift teeth over time.
  • Palatal expanders widen the jaw by use of a plastic, mouth-applying tool that seats in the roof of the oral cavity, applying pressure to the bones and palate.
  • Space maintainers are useful if you’ve lost baby teeth prematurely: to avert chompers from coming too close together, space maintainers keep gaps open while adult pearly whites or false teeth are fashioned.
  • Other appliances are built for very specialized purposes such as foiling thumb-sucking or protecting your pearly whites from grinding or facial trauma.

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