There are various reasons for seeking orthodontic treatment, including straightening your teeth and aligning your misaligned bite. Another reason is correcting an open bite. It is a common dental issue and can be effectively addressed with orthodontics.

You want your upper and lower teeth to come together with a slight overlapping of the upper teeth over your lower teeth when you close your mouth. An open bite is considered a malocclusion (also known as a bad bite). This condition arises when your top and bottom teeth don’t meet whenever you close your mouth all the way. So what you get when you try to close your mouth is an open space between your top and bottom teeth. While you can get an open either in the front or the back of your mouth, it’s most likely to occur to your front teeth.

Even if you close your mouth and jaw shut all of the way, an open bite can occur when the upper and lower teeth don’t come into proper contact in the front (or back) of the mouth. And when you have a bad bite, the malocclusion can leave you dealing with a host of problems. It can include pain when you clamp down to chew, problems cleaning your teeth properly (leaving the potential for cavities), and gingivitis (gum disease).

Open Bite and What To Look For

  • Your teeth are out of alignment
  • Trouble speaking properly
  • Trouble biting down with your front teeth
  • Trouble or pain when chewing and swallowing, affecting your digestive tract
  • Your teeth don’t make contact when you close your mouth
  • Diminished chin line adversely affects your facial profile
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)
  • Headaches and earaches
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Snoring

Why an Open Bite Bad Is Bad for You

As you can see, an open bite harms your teeth, mouth, and body if you can’t eat properly, but it also affects your image and self-confidence. Your bite will only worsen with time, and your tooth enamel wears down in the process, risking tooth decay and cavities. If you find yourself dealing with an open bite, it is important not to ignore it. Coming in for an orthodontic evaluation is a vital step to determining the degree of malocclusion and correcting it with orthodontic treatment such as braces or clear aligners.

  • Braces: Braces are reliable, cost-effective and you can choose from several different options. They can provide beautiful results and are relatively easy to maintain for children and adults.
  • Clear Aligners: These are comfortable, discreet, and convenient to wear. They are great for correcting open bites for adults as well as teens.
  • Retainers: Once your orthodontic treatment is complete with either clear aligners or braces, you will still need to wear a retainer to make sure your bite doesn’t fall back into misalignment. Retainers serve a dual purpose; they keep your newly aligned teeth and bite in their place. Without it, your teeth can regress to their original position and adversely affect your bite again.
  • Oral Surgery: As a last resort, oral surgery can help when orthodontic treatment alone can’t correct the malocclusion. Long-lasting results are achievable by combining orthodontic treatment with oral surgery for a severe open bite.

Why Wait? Call Today!

There is help if you struggle with an open bite and are ready to align your teeth and jaw for exceptional results. It is a worthy investment in your oral health, appearance and self-esteem. With today’s advanced orthodontic treatments and techniques, you can achieve the smile you have always wanted while correcting the many issues you might have from your open bite. Why wait? We welcome you to call us today for more information or a consultation.