Four team members wearing pink jackets and posing

It’s that time again… North Coast Orthodontics is launching another “Spread the Aloha” initiative that will award a selfless parent/guardian in the Santa Cruz community!

Since this initiative launched, we have had the privilege of benefiting a very deserving foster child in need with free orthodontic treatment, presenting a local Deputy Sheriff with a Local Heroes award for saving an infant’s life, and gifting a teacher a much needed spa certificate and gift card for classroom supplies. We feel so fortunate to be able to help the community and recognize those who are truly making a difference.

With our parent/legal guardian Spread the Aloha edition, we plan on continuing this mission. We are encouraging those in the community to share why a parent/legal guardian they know deserves to be recognized for selflessness. Afterall – the act of being a parent is selfless from day one. Our parents/guardians do not often receive the kind of recognition they deserve, and everyday selfless acts go unnoticed. Our hope is to change that, starting with this contest. The winning parent/legal guardian will receive free orthodontic treatment from North Coast Orthodontics. We couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer such an amazing gift!

To nominate a parent/legal guardian, visit www.spreadthealoha.org, fill in your contact information, and tell us why your parent or legal guardian deserves to win and click submit.

Nominations end on June 30th!

Thank you for continuing to help us “Spread the Aloha” in our community.