Your new braces incorporate several different components which work together to straighten your teeth. Braces are an effective system that gradually corrects the alignment of your smile. Braces also require routine adjustments so that they can do their job.

The components of your braces are intended to be durable enough to handle the basic functions of biting and chewing most common foods. But they are not indestructible. Eating sticky foods, or biting down on hard foods can potentially damage, bend, or loosen parts of your braces.

When some parts of your braces become damaged, that damage could change the tension on your braces which could inhibit the realignment process. This might require more adjustments to fully correct the alignment of your teeth, and could potentially harm soft oral tissues.

However, this damage can be lessened or prevented if you address the problem quickly. You should contact Hawaii Smile Designs for an appointment, and for instructions on caring for your braces until you can come in for your office visit. Depending on the severity of the problem Dr. Aaron Miyai might simply replace the damaged part.

If you had received your braces at Hawaii Smile Designs, and you have a loose or damaged component, you should contact us to have it examined as soon as possible.

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