Tooth loss and natural changes in your oral structure that occur with age can gradually cause deviations in the alignment of your teeth. A problem like this might also be linked to misalignment issues that went uncorrected in adolescence.

Without professional intervention the deviations in your dentition could lead to chipped and fractured teeth as well as a gradually unappealing smile. If you have an existing or developing issue with the alignment of your teeth, you should consider setting up an appointment with our orthodontists.

After a basic examination Dr. Aaron Miyai will help you understand your treatment options. In some of these cases they might be able to provide you with a brand of clear plastic aligners like Invisalign®.

It is a series of clear plastic aligners that can gradually correct your misaligned teeth. When they are in your mouth it will be difficult for the casual observer to notice you are using Invisalign®.

Invisalign® calls for periodically changing to a new set of aligners every few weeks. Each set of aligners is tuned to alter the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in your gums. Many patients who use Invisalign® will notice a significant improvement over the course of three to four sets of aligners.

Upon completion of the process our orthodontists may provide you with a clear plastic retainer. The removable oral appliance will help hold your teeth in their new position while any residual tension in your gums gradually fades.

If you live in the Hawaii area and you have existing or developing alignment issues with your teeth, contact us today to set up an Invisalign® consultation at Hawaii Smile Designs.

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