Braces are an effective tool that can align your teeth and give you the smile of your dreams. However, there’s a little more to braces than you might realize. To help you know more about this handy appliance, Dr. Aaron Miyai will be happy to share some facts about braces!

  1. The first fact is that it’s important to clean your smile by keeping up on oral hygiene when you have braces. This is because food and plaque get stuck around braces hardware and on the teeth. These substances can create dental issues if they are not removed regularly, which could prolong your treatment. So, make sure to brush and floss after you eat.
  2. The second fact is that there are times when your braces will make your teeth sore, especially after an adjustment appointment. This is nothing to be alarmed about because it’s normal. This means the teeth are moving. When you are sore, only eat soft foods and take over-the-counter pain medication (if necessary). These things should help your pain and discomfort.
  3. The third fact is that the length of your orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of your misaligned teeth, and each smile is different. It generally takes about 18 to 30 months for patients to align their smiles. However, that’s not the end of the treatment. Once your orthodontist removes your braces, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in place.

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