Did you know that there are certain treatments available designed to specifically improve the appearance of your smile? You can improve the aesthetic color of your smile much quicker and better than normal oral health care habits ever could with teeth whitening treatments. Three common treatment methods for teeth whitening include:

  1. Store-bought tooth whiteners: These are unregulated and can yield a wide range of outcomes for your smile. Some of these products can possibly be dangerous to your health and damage your tooth enamel and bleach your gum lines. Always speak with your orthodontist before using a store-bought tooth whitener.
  2. At-home whiteners: These are typically given by your dentist to use at home. A professional whitening treatment is not always needed, so these kits can be used to touch up any flaws or irregularities that may appear in your smile.
  3. In-office whiteners: Professional tooth whiteners administered directly by an orthodontist are considered the safest and highest quality tooth whiteners offered today in the world of dentistry.

Whether you are looking to restore your smile’s color or enhance your smile, our professional team offers the power of Sinsational Smile® whitening system, a professional whitening treatment that takes 20 minutes to complete.

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