Your child’s new orthodontic braces include several interlinking hardware components to create a functional system that is capable of correcting the alignment of their teeth. This is done by applying modest tension to the braces at regularly scheduled adjustment sessions.

By making regular adjustments to the braces, the wire can gradually stretch and manipulate the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your child’s teeth to the gums. Each adjustment gradually brings your child’s teeth closer to their ideal alignment in order to provide your child with a more attractive smile and a better functioning mouth.

Consistent timing is very important in a braces treatment. If you know of an upcoming scheduling conflict with an adjustment appointment, you should contact Hawaii Smile Designs as soon as possible to set up an alternate time.

These regular adjustment appointments are also an opportunity to address any orthodontic components that have suffered a little wear and tear. If something has been bent or damaged in between visits, Dr. Aaron Miyai and their associates can repair or replace it to prevent further complications.

If your son or daughter has an alignment issue with their teeth, we invite you to schedule a braces consultation at Hawaii Smile Designs.

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